Welcome to our family orchard…

image4Hyland Orchard is located in the quaint, historic Fiskdale village of Sturbridge, Mass. The farm hosts private and public special events under a large, newly renovated and covered outdoor pavilion. Hyland Orchard was founded in 1945 by F. James Hyland. In 1996, Jim’s grandson Christopher Damon took over the orchards, and continues to run the farm and grounds today. Years ago, Chris’s brother Don transformed the farm’s 12,000-square-foot barn into a state-of-the-art brewery, which today is operated by Rapscallion Brewery.

Thousands of visitors flock here to celebrate their weddings, engagements, retirements, graduations, birthdays or personal time off outdoors on the 150-acre farm. Hyland’s extended family has taken great care to preserve a true family atmosphere for all to enjoy and it clearly shows.

Our newly renovated and covered outdoor pavilion area, with full lighting, table and chair rentals, 30-foot long bar, fire pit, and large band stage area. Hyland Orchard hosts free outdoor concerts and musical acts Friday nights and weekends during the summer through late fall. Come late August through October, apple picking among 2,400 trees, tractor rides, animal petting, and outdoor festivals define farm life.

The facility also houses a large micro-brewery, Rapscallion, which offers public tastings, tours and beer sales in the Tap Room.

New wedding ceremony site rises atop farm…

IMG_2500Here at Hyland Orchard, we have taken outdoor wedding ceremonies to a whole new level! We set out with a vision for the perfect wedding ceremony spot and our vision is finally realized (minus the arbor, greenery and lavender).
We have worked through blood, sweat and tears to create this breathtaking sanctuary that sits atop the Orchard with unrivaled views. Not only is it visually what we had hoped for, the space feels magnificent. Many couples have booked their Ceremonies with the mere trust that our vision would prove to be a fantastic reality. They are ecstatic and they unknowingly established a Team rooting us on, giving us encouragement and excitement for the many new things to come.
We are elated to welcome many more Couples to this sacred spot, atop the Hill. With the 2016 Wedding Season booking steadily to the brim, excitement is an understatement. Thank you to the Hyland team and friends for cheering us along.
Eleneanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. With that being said, the best part is yet to come.