Do we need to set up our tables & chairs?

Tables and chairs are setup by Hyland crew by 10am day-of. Chairs will not be set out until you are done decorating, so don’t panic if you arrive and there are no chairs out. It just makes it easier for you guys to setup/access the tables. The Pavilion is not accessible until 10am.

I want to use mason jars as favors and serve drinks in them. How do I do this?

You must purchase 16oz mason jars. We will not serve beer in any other size jar. We will still use clear crystal plastic cups for wine (jars are too large to serve 6oz in) or you may provide 7oz wine glasses.

Typically, beer is served in a clear plastic cup. If you are using jars, please provide the bartender with a few extra jars because people misplace them, etc.

Please plan whether you will place your jars at tables, Welcome OR displayed on shelves behind the Bar and plan your setup accordingly. We do not recommend personalizing jars with guest names unless you have the setup plan/time (this must be coupled with a Table Assignment summary at Welcome Table). For labels, we recommend blank labels with permanent paint markers. If you decide to display all jars at Welcome Table, please plan to bring crates to layer jars with. This method is not best way to go, as it may require more than one banquet table.

We can not keep soiled glass on site overnight. Any jars left on site at nights end will be disposed of. This also includes those with a Cleanup Package.


What time can we setup on our wedding day?

The venue is available for decor after 10am on the day-of. The venue is not accessible before this time.

Hyland is a DIY venue, when it comes to decorations. It is each couples responsibility to decorate for their Event and cleanup at the close of their event. Hyland does not set linens or centerpieces. There are setup packages available via Design by Doe. Doe is available on a limited basis for setup and takedown/cleanup, please inquire via email.

All vendor contracts are handled separately and it is each couples responsibility to manage the scheduling of their day.


Do I get to decide the Bar Menu?

No. Hyland keeps at least 4 drafts readily available and includes Bud Light, DownEast Cider, IPA and other craft beers.

Craft brews are $6/16oz; DownEast Cider is $7/16oz; Bud Light is $5/16oz.

We have red (typically Jacobs Creek), white (typically Ballet of Angels) and blush (typically Maidens Blush) wines. All wine servings are $6/6oz.

Sangria available for a fee (prep/fruit) (see contract), $6/6oz.

Polar sodas & bottled water, $2.


Can I decorate the arbor?

Yes. Please note that we don’t allow any nails or staples on the arbor (you may wrap around or use twine/wire). Just remember that whatever you decorate at the Ceremony, you must take it down at the end of the night.


Can we bring our own drinks?

As stated in the Contract, no outside beverages are allowed. We serve beer, wine, water and Polar soda beverages. If you are looking to offer your guests non-alcoholic beverages (free of charge to them,) the Reception Beverage Bar is available as an add-on. This is a setup with dispensers of water, lemonade and iced tea. See the Contract for details. We do not have tap water at the Pavilion. We only sell bottled water. We also have the H2O Beverage Bar for water only.  Coffee (and any heated drinks) must go through catering OR may be provided and setup by the couple. Please note: we recommend purchasing coffee at a store like Dunkin (here is one on Main St. at the end of Arnold Rd.) and transporting to the Pavilion via Box o Joe- and perhaps transferring to carafes, if you like. If you decide to supply your own coffee- you must plan for all of your own disposable cups, creamers and sugar.


We can setup and decorate but we don’t want to have to cleanup/pack after our celebration. Can I arrange that to be done?

Yes. DbD offers a Pavilion cleanup/takedown service for $250. This will be billed along with Design by Doe add-ons (separate from Hyland). This is for the Pavilion and does not include the Ceremony area. Items MUST be picked up at the Pavilion by 9AM next morning. Boxed decor will be left on the Bartop for pickup. We do not allow desserts, used jars or gifts to be left onsite overnight.


Can we use real candles?

Yes. But, they must be inside of a votive or some other container. No real-flame candles on the gift table (cards and tissue paper set fire easily/quickly).


Our date is getting close, can we go back to take a look at the grounds again?

Yes. You are welcome to come by to take an unguided stroll to learn the layout of the venue for your special day. Please email us at to notify us of your plans. The second week of April through September, we do not allow Thursday-Sunday visits (because those are wedding days). Couples may visit Monday-Wednesday but must request permission beforehand. The best time to plan a visit with family/friends is when the Orchard opens up to the public in the Fall, the 3rd week of September through October, every Saturday and Sunday. We host live music and offer wagon rides for apple picking, it’s the perfect time of year to walk the grounds and also enjoy the Orchard with family and friends. Please refer to our FB page for event listings.


How does the setup team know where to set up our tables and chairs?

We require couples to submit their table count and guest count NO LATER THAN 14 days before the wedding. If the Couple doesn’t submit a chair count per table, we will set tables with 8 chairs. The floorplans will be defaulted to the floor plans on this website.


We’re really interested in having BBQ with the grill/smoker, etc. Could you let me know if that would be ok? We’re fine paying the catering fee.

We allow everything from food trucks to sit-down upscale catering. The following applies:

• Outside Catering Fee will be applied.

• The Caterer must be inspected and approved by the Board of Health. They must also insure HYLAND Orchard Inc. as ‘additional insured’ for the day of your event. Certification may be emailed to

• Please do thorough research before committing to any Caterer (reviews, etc). Hyland does not have any onsite kitchen facilities, which means the Caterer MUST be completely self-sufficient (with electricity/generator and water). BBQ cooking onsite is allowed, however most traditional cooking needs to be done off-premise.

• As with any Outside Caterer, you must plan your dinnerware. If you rent china from an Rental company, you must ask your Caterer to hire Servers to help with the cleanup.


A few things about hiring a non-exclusive catering company:

• We have a very unique setup that requires planning.

• When going with a non-exclusive caterer, you will need to arrange for linens and cake cutting.

•It is the Couples responsibility to arrange for buffet tables and linens for an outside caterer. Hyland has buffet tables available for rent for $12.

What do we do for music at the Ceremony site?

There is no electricity at the Ceremony on the Hill. Coordinate with your DJ/Band on options for music on the Hilltop. Some use small generators, battery operated PA’s and some opt for string instruments without amplification. Be sure to direct them to our website ( so they understand that the Ceremony area is not accessible by foot with equipment. They will need to transport equipment with their vehicle. They may park at the Hilltop (BEHIND Rockhouse) to allow them to commute back downhill for Reception music (and beat the crowd riding the wagon).

The Hilltop does not ‘require’ amplification. With a live instrumentalist on violin/sax/harp- these instruments are loud enough to carry without an amp. The guitar would need amplification if you need to hear the cue at Rockhouse. Couples with a guest count over 120 may desire a microphone.

No PA is provided for The Hyland Wedding (Ceremony OR Reception).

We have adjustable staging to allow for both DJ’s and large bands. We must have prior notice for live bands, no exceptions. We must have at least 14 days notice for live entertainment.


Can I use flower petals or bubbles at the Ceremony?

We do not allow petals at the Hilltop. You may use non-toxic bubbles at the Hilltop- but bubbes are prohibited at the Pavilion and will be taken if they are seen being used at the Reception areas (Pavilion and tent).

Alternatively, Design by Doe offers a Lavender Toss add-on. Couples may also provide their own lavender to toss.


We want to bring desserts, is that ok?

Yes, desserts are totally up to your discretion. Please just confirm with your caterer and ensure you have a knife to cut and someone to set the table and clean it up. It’s best to have desserts/cake delivered as close to your Ceremony time as available. Hyland does NOT have refrigeration suitable for cakes. Most bakeries do not include setup of desserts at the Pavilion, unless you direct them to do so. Hyland does not store rented stands overnight- please make alternative pickup plans for any rented display items.

If you have an Outside Caterer, please plan to set your Dessert table with napkins/plates/etc.


Do we get a Rehearsal?

Yes. All rehearsals are scheduled for Thursdays at 4p, 5p, 6p, 7p.

For 2019 weddings the following schedule applies:





Please email Doe should you need to make other arrangements . The Rehearsal is unsupervised (unless you have a Coordinator package). Please read the post regarding Rehearsals in the Facebook Group:


I have a few handicapped and elderly guests, how do I get them to Hilltop?

You may have a few cars drive uphill and park behind the Rockhouse. Be sure to alert the tractor driver, as they drive the same path as the cars.


Can we do a First Look at Hyland?

Should you decide to do your First Look at Hyland, please coordinate your arrival with the photographer. DbD packages do not include attendance of a First Look. Couples may do a First Look up to 1 hour before the Ceremony, no exceptions. Couples planning a First Look on Hyland grounds MUST email Doe beforehand. Please be advised that the Pavilion and Grounds may not be ‘ready’ at this time, as last-minute preparations are typically taking place until guest arrival/tractor start time. Please also note that The Pavilion Bar does not open until guests arrive.


Do we clean up after the party?

Hyland will clean up bar-related litter and break down chairs and tables. Couples are responsible for stripping linens and removing decor. Caterers should be contracted to clean food-related trash.

Please also keep in mind:

The best way to assign tables & seat your guests is with Table Seating Cards. List the table number at the top of the card and the guests names under it and attach the Table Cards to a prop. There are many creative options, including using plexi to write names on. Please only use glass if it is on a tabletop easel OR laying flat on a table. The wind knocks glass over easily. We do not allow individual placecards at Hyland unless they are weighted with a prop like a key. Unweighted placecards immediately blow away.



-Tall vases with narrow bases (heavy tops) will not work  They will tip before guests arrive, ruining your table. Please use cylinder shaped vases, jars or heavy based vases. Use stones to weight your centerpieces.

-Weddings are booked for a 6 hour period. The most popular booking is 4-10 pm. It is important to notify your guests to arrive at least 30 minutes early to travel to the Ceremony on the Hill. It is 350 yards uphill.

Be sure guests are notified to wear appropriate shoes, wedges and flats for the Hilltop.

The tractor ride is more of a recreational feature and shouldn’t be relied on for sole transport uphill. Encourage guests to take the stroll, as well.

The Pavilion is cement floored, so heels do work under the Pavilion.

Please be sure to be on our social media. This is where updated floor plans are posted. This includes Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.