brewery 2Rapscallion Brewery

With small town roots in New Brunswick, Quebec, Maine and Vermont, Rapscallion Brewery based at Hyland Orchard comes from a long line of hard working folks.

Seeing a need for draft beer service in homes and businesses, brothers Cedric and Peter Daniel started Boston Barrel & Tap from scratch in their 20s. As their work in the industry grew, they saw great potential in a local brewery called Concord Brewery. Through contacts, they were able to establish a real presence for Concord’s draft beers in area restaurants and bars. Eventually, the brothers offered partial ownership in the brewery, and are now the sole owners, committed to continuing the tradition of great recipes.

They took over managing the brewery at Hyland Orchard after Pioneer Brewery moved to Connecticut several years ago.

Today, Rapscallion Brewery offers a rich tradition of recipes dating back decades and even centuries, such as the 1898 Harvard Lager. Rapscallion maintains a local and eco-conscious focus with community at its core.

Through responsible growth and a commitment to staying local, they aspire to honor their community of supporters as well as fellow breweries.

Please visit them at Rapscallion, to see what’s fresh on tap and to view current events.

Brewery tours are offered on Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. for free. No reservations needed.

For general inquiries, contact Cedric Daniel at 617-869-5702 or via email at