IMG_5728BAR OPTIONS: Hyland Orchard offers a delightful beer and wine selection. We feature 6 brews on tap including 4 tasty ‘Mainstay’ Rapscallion brews. The beer cost is $6 per 16oz beer. We also offer hard cider for $7. We feature local wines: including red, white and blush, $6 per 6oz. Sangria is available upon request, made with fresh Orchard fruit. There is a prep and fruit fee. Soda and bottled water are $2 apiece. Please note the Pavilion does not have plumbing and therefore doesnt have tap water or ice.

Please note that Hyland Orchard & Brewery is licensed only to serve beer and wine. No outside beer, wine or liquor permitted.
Please note that we serve beverages in plastic. A popular way to avoid using the plastic, is to provide mason jars to serve beer and wine that double as your wedding favor. These may be purchased from an outside source and brought in for the bartender to serve your drinks in. They must be 16oz jars to be utilized. All glassware must be taken off-premise at the conclusion of the event. Jars that are left overnight will be disposed of.

There are 4 options for the Bar arrangement:

  • Cash Bar: Guests pay for their own drinks with cash or credit card.
  • Open Bar: the Couple arranges to pay for the final tab at the end of the event. Please note we charge on consumption (not a flat fee per person)- we will only bill for the actual drinks ordered. 18% gratuity is automatically added to the total amount. Payable via cash or credit card at the end of the event. Please note that a credit card on file is required for this option.
  •  Limited Open Bar: the Couple may set a monetary limit- to which point the bar remains “Open Bar”. This total (with 18% gratuity added) is invoiced and due before the event. For example: the Couple decides they would like a $1,500 Limited Open Bar. They are invoiced and pay $1,770 before the event ($1,500 plus 18% gratuity of $270). Guests arrive and order drinks (free of charge to the guest) until the tab reaches $1,500- at which point the sign ‘Cash Bar’ is put up and guests then become responsible for their own drinks. This option is best when couples with signage ‘First Few on Us’.
  • Cocktail Hour: The 1st hour of the Reception (when guests come to the Pavilion from the Ceremony) is Open Bar. This total is due at the end of the event (or as soon as the 1 hour expires). 18% gratuity is added to the 1 hour tab total. Payable via cash or credit card.