Spring is in the air…

Spring is in the air here at Hyland Orchard. We couldn’t be more elated about the mild weather, allowing us to get a jumpstart on all things ‘Orchard’.

We are springing into action and excited to announce some new ‘Hyland Happenings’. Spring cleaning at the Orchard involves pruning and preparations. We are also clearing land to plant 1500 additional apple trees, which will essentially double our Orchard! To accommodate this projected growth, we are designing a sales room underneath the Pavilion, which will be a special space dedicated to selling apples 7 days a week during Harvest season.

We have cleared the greenhouse and adjusted its frame in preparation of installing a new covering. Our new, fully functional greenhouse will allow Doe (our Event imageCoordinator), to grow a cutting garden. She will be planting an array of beautiful flowers. This flower garden will allow us to share and offer our buds with Brides. We will also be harvesting lavender for wedding decor and bud tossing for wedding ceremonies.

imageSummertime gives us an opportunity to offer our beautiful green surroundings to Orchard-loving couples looking to have their special day amidst a robust Orchard, before it comes to full fruition in Fall. We are happy to meet these couples who share the love of Orchards and feel blessed to be able to offer these couples a beautiful and unique spot to say ‘I Do’. Saturday’s in 2016 have become our official ‘Wedding Day’.

imageUpon your next visit, be sure to visit the new additions to Roys Barnyard, 3 adorable goats named Pickles (Nubian goat), Peanut (a Pygmy) and Mamba (San Clemente). Roy was able to welcome these goats to Hyland and carve out a safe space for them, after some of their herd was fatally attacked by a bear at a nearby barn. We are very active in providing a safe haven for animals and their welfare. Roy does a wonderful job in acclomating them to live harmoniously and has them trained well enough to free range most days! Our new additions to the family are vivacious and fun. They love entertaining and Mamba can be seen doing tricks to entertain the visitors. We couldn’t be happier to provide all of our new additions with a healthy and happy farm life. We are lucky to have the opportunity to give these awesome animals a safe haven, having welcomed 5 new family members in 2015 alone! We have Roy to thank for his loyal commitment to keeping the animals happy and healthy 🐐🐓🐴



We welcome all of you to join and follow us as we embark on this journey. We will be sharing a plentitude of fun photos along the way on Instagram and Facebook!


Best 🍎🐐🐴❤️🍺
The Hyland Crew